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Make your clients a star in Google search

OPIO follows Google schema guidelines for review acquisition and display.

No review gating

First person reviews only

No display filter

Authenticated reviewers

Improve SEO and conversion with unique reviews on your clients website

Rich snippets that improve website rank

Content that contains keywords prospective customers are searching for

Reviews marked up in Google schema to display stars

Build trust with onsite client reviews, buttons, and badges

Showcase client reviews on their home page

Grow your clients badge count and reputation

Distinguish your clients from competitors with annual Rated badges

Add OPIO review management to your
existing suite of services


1. Location specific pages so each location gets its own stars, exposure and rank

2. Review feed directly on your website with unique customer reviews

3. Commenting, photos, and video reviews for maximum impact

4. Share your reviews to your social feeds with Facebook and Twitter integration


Manage your reputation with reviews on your website

Boost click-through rates with stars in Google for your site

Improve website SEO with user generated content

Build trust and increase website conversion

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Whether you are a reseller or an agency, OPIO believes that our opinion engine can make a meaningful impact for both you and your clients. With OPIO, you can deliver a solution that boosts SEO, website traffic, customer engagement, and marketing efforts. It’s time to add review acquisition, reputation management, and trusted branding to your offerings today. Ready to get started?