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New Feature: Email Review Request

OPIO is excited to announce the launch of its newest feature- the email review request! (ERR) This tool is located under your ‘review request tools’ tab in your OPIO dashboard. We created this tool to help our clients request more reviews seamlessly and automatically.

So how does it work? The email review request tool, or ERR< is designed for businesses to contact and engage in post-transaction conversations with their customers. After a customer completes a purchase, you can add their name and email address to this page. Upon entering the customer information, a pre-populated email will display that requests a review from your customer, as seen below. You can edit this text to personalize the message further as well as select the ‘Follow up in 7 days’ button to ensure a reminder is sent. Once you ‘send’ the request, you will have access to all of your email review requests in one easy to see place.

From this ERR dashboard, you can manage and monitor your reviews in real-time. Want to send another follow up request to your customer? Click the ‘send a reminder’ button to see have an email automatically generated. If a customer leaves a new review, you will get a notification in this dashboard as well as a preview of the review and display of how many stars they left. You can also monitor if a customer unsubscribes from your emails and also keep track of all your customer names and emails in one place.

We created this ERR to help you request reviews more easily and automatically. Have any feedback or requests for additional features for this page? Please do not hesitate to reach out! We create all of our products for you and want you to have all the tools you need for review management. Please email us at [email protected] for any feedback or questions you may have regarding this ERR feature or other features we offer.