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Personalization and Review Requests

One of the many benefits of softwares like OPIO is its ability to automate tedious tasks to help save you valuable time you can use elsewhere. While this can be very beneficial for time management, it’s important to make sure your business does not appear insincere or robotic. To do this, we encourage you to personalize your messages and interactions with your customers as much as possible. This way, you won’t skimp on authenticity. We have outlined a few ways for you to do this:

  1. Address your customers personally. Small changes from ‘Hi There’ to ‘ Hi Tom’ can go a long way. You want to make sure when you send an email with our email review request (ERR) tool you use the customer names in the email subject and line.
  2. Leave unique comments on your reviews. Too many businesses believe that as long as you comment on a review, your job is done. This leads to ‘copy and paste’ style responses that tend to amplify inauthenticity instead of promote validity. When businesses use generic responses like ‘thank you for your business, come back again soon!” prospective customers pick up on this laziness and often look down on this behavior. Instead, try to personalize each comment you leave by adding in the user’s name and addressing specific aspects of the review. If a customer writes that your business has a beautiful waiting area, be sure to thank them for this specific commentary to ensure your response feels genuine and real. Commenting is really a game of quality over quantity.
  3. Utilize our video and photo review feature. We created video and photo reviews just for you! A video or photo review speaks more than words when it comes to online review and sharing authenticity. While a user can hide behind unkind words or negative remarks when its just a name displayed, photos and videos make the reviews more reliable and real. We encourage each business to request video and photo reviews when applicable, especially if the final outcome is tangible, like a home renovation or wedding venue. By encouraging your employees to request these types of reviews, you convey to your future customers the genuinity of your reviews by displaying these video and photos directly on your OPIO review feed on your website.