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Download the OPIO App compatible with both Apple and Android devices to enable businesses to easily and instantly request reviews.

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Review Requests for Every Business Style

Does your business provide tangible results that can be showcased and displayed, like a home renovator or event venue? Then try out our video review feature or photo review feature, where you can ask the client after closing if they could share a few remarks or would feel comfortable with you photographing or videoing the finished product.

Is your work more subtle and less glamorous, like a plumber or electrician? No worries, we have pre-populated review request emails that you can instantly send to your customers asking for a quick 3 step review. No photos or videos necessary.

What if your work is on the go and you don’t have time to be at your computer? Our OPIO mobile app allows you to enter a ‘kiosk mode’ where you can hand your smartphone or tablet to your customer to fill out on the spot before you leave, allowing easy review conversion.

No matter your work ethic or style, we have a solution for you. OPIO makes it easy to request reviews, just check out the section on our dashboard for more insights.