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What is Google Schema and How Does it Affect My Business?

In simple form, schema is a type of markup code that you put on your website to help different search engines, whether Google, Yelp, Bing, or others, display relevant results for a user. In other words, schema tells search engines what your data actually means, not just what it says. This form of optimization is one of the most powerful tools because it signals to a search engine, such as Google, what your information actually means. Google says that this schema markup is only reserved for reviews ‘directly produced by your web site’ and not copied from sites like Yelp and Google Maps, even if the content is about your business. This means that schema has specific uses and must only be used for unique first party content on your website, which OPIO adheres to.

At OPIO, we use schema for all of your reviews, allowing the search engine to understand that your review feed on your website is ratings of your business and should be displayed in results. By adding this schema markup, we are able to tell Google and other search engines that you have unique reviews directly on your website and these reviews are authentic. Since the reviews live on your website, and not a third party site, your business appears higher in search results and displays stars! Research shows that customers are more likely to click on results with rating stars, as opposed to without stars. So yes- Google schema is what gives your site stars and stars drive more traffic, leading to a better business.